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Every Brand We Build Celebrates The Uniqueness of Each of Us

Look Human

LookHuman gives everyone the ability to express their passions, personalities, and identities, no matter what kind of nerd they are. We create compelling clothing, accessories, and decor for everyone who wants to express their own unique voice to the world.

Activate Apparel

Celebrating a bit of laziness as much as a hard workout, Activate Apparel motivates people to not only run that last half mile, but to enjoy their couch as much as possible. Because a long nap is just as great as a long workout!

Merica Made

Freedom never goes out of style at Merica Made, where hard-working Mericans forge original designs that allow proud patriots to fuel the fire of their ever-lasting freedom!

Our vision

We will leverage the best talent to build an unmatched portfolio of design, brands, and partnerships that anticipates and supports the desire of all people to express themselves in unique ways.
We are in the business of self-expression and belonging.

Since its launch in November 2012, Print Syndicate has been in the business of self-expression through exceptional design. The world-class design team interprets and converts social trends into digital designs, which are then marketed on printed objects (apparel, phone cases, housewares, etc.) and sold through the company's multiple e-commerce brands.

Print Syndicate was built on the premise that every printed object can be a mechanism to declare identity and belonging. Their aim is to provide well-curated, beautifully designed, high-quality products that allow Print Syndicate's customers to express who they are. The Print Syndicate team hopes to build a world-class company that leverages, monetizes, and supports the brilliant creative talent in Columbus, OHIO.

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